Worst high schools in Oklahoma


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How did we come up with this ranking of the worst high schools In Oklahoma?

You may be wondering what criteria we used to determine which schools made the list and whether this ranking is trustworthy.

Well, we have to admit that finding a perfect way to rate Oklahoma high schools is difficult. However, we tried our best to find an objective metric to rank these schools and we did find a good match.

Students across Oklahoma take a series of standardized tests that are designed to measure their levels of comprehensions in key subjects such as Math, Science, English, and History.

These standardized tests are known as the OSTP exams. We simply reviewed the test scores and picked the worst performers.

Please note that we excluded some charter and alternative schools from this ranking,

10.  Northwest Classen High School (Worst)

City: Oklahoma City 

District: Oklahoma City

Number of Students: More than 1100 students 

Test Scores

English: About 16% met standards

Math: 8% met standards 


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