10 Worst High Schools in North Carolina


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How did we decide which high schools made this list of the worst high schools in North Carolina?

We found that the most objective standard to measure the performance of schools would be to look at the standardized test results.

Every year students across the state take a series of standardized tests in many different subjects. These tests are meant to measure their comprehension levels in the various subjects. Standardized tests also serve as a way to see if the students are meeting North Carolina’s standardized.

We reviewed the standardized test results and found these schools to be among the worst performers. For the sake of relevancy we tried our best to exclude charter schools, special schools, and small high schools from this ranking.

* the percentages below refers to the percentage of students in that school who have met the standards.

In North Carolina about 57% met the Math standards while 59% met the English.

10. Statesville High

City: Statesville

District: Iredell-Statesville Schools 

Number of Students: Close to 2,000 students

Test Scores

English: close to 33 % met standards

Math: Slightly More than 27 % met standards


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