Worst high schools in Massachusetts


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How was this ranking created?

The department of education in Massachusetts has a series of standardized tests that high school students are required to take. These tests seek to measure the success of each school in meeting the state’s educational standards.

Students typically take the English, Math, and Science exams at the end of the 10th grade. Biology, Physics, and other science-related exams are taken at the end of 12th grade.

So we basically reviewed the data and picked the lowest performers.

Massachusetts is the most educated state in the country, so while these schools are low performers, they are still much better than many schools around the country.

To put things in perspective about 91% of the students in Massachusetts met the English Language Arts standards. 78% met the Math standards and about 75% met the Science and Engineering tests.

Please note that we excluded special, charter, and very small schools from this ranking.


10.  Excel High School

City: South Boston

District: Boston 

Number of Students: More than 520

10th Grade Test Scores

English: 66%

Math: 56%

Science: 35%


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