10 Worst high schools in Kansas


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Making a list of the 10 worst high schools in Kansas is a really big claim, so you may be wondering how did we come up with this ranking?

In the state of Kansas there is a standardized test (KS Assessment Common Core) given to students each year. We reviewed the test scores for the state of Kansas 2017-2018 school year and found these 10 high schools to be the lowest performing schools.

Please note that we excluded special, alternative, and charter schools from this ranking.

The percentage below refer to the percentage of students who met the state standards for the given subjects.

10. Dodge City High School

City: Dodge

District: Dodge City

Number of Students: Close to 2,000 students

Test Scores

English: Slightly More than 11 % met standards

Math: Slightly More than 10 % met standards


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