Worst elementary schools in Georgia


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You may be wondering how did we come of this list of the worst 10 elementary schools in Georgia?

To be honest, labeling anything as the worst is not always an easy task. That’s why we tried our best to be objective and unbiased while creating this ranking.

We found the best metric to asses schools on would be to look at how their students performed on the standardized test scores. These tests are given to students in the end of every year to measure their comprehension levels in key subjects such as Math, Science, English, and History.

We reviewed these test scores and created this ranking based on the percentage of the students who have met the state educational standards. The percentage next to the subject name refers to the percentage of students who have met the standards in that school.

Please note that this information differs from year to year and from grade to the other. The information below is more focused on the 5th grade students.

Please note that the images below are not necessarily an image of the school. They are closely related images!

10. Brewer Elementary School

Worst elementary schools in Georgia


District: Muscogee County

City: Columbus

Number of Students: More than 480

Standards Test Scores:

English: Close to 11%

Math: N/A

Science: More than 3%


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