5 Worst Cities To Live In Minnesota


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How did we create this ranking?

The word “worst” is often subjective. My worst could easily be your best!

So to keep things from becoming  subjective we thought it would be a good idea to look at some objective metrics.

Here are the 4 metrics that we thought would be best to use  when determining which cities are the worst in Minnesota.

1- Crime Rate

Safety is our primary concern as humans. No one wants to get hurt or fear for his or her life. That’s why we decided to have crime rate be our most important metric in this ranking.

2-Like-hood of getting a job

Having a job means that you can buy food and have a place to live. The need for employment is very necessary and without living in any place would be a very difficult task.

3- Quality of Education

If you are a parent then making sure your kid has a bright future would be one of the most important things to you. We are going to be checking on the public schools in each city to determine which cities are not doing a good job that in that area.

4- Poverty Rate

Getting ahead in life is one of the important goals to most people. We don’t want to just have a job, we want to make sure that we have a job that pays well. That’s why we will be taking poverty rate into consideration in this ranking.

5- St. Paul

4- Saint Cloud

3- West St. Paul

Despite its small population, West St.Paul is considered one of the most dangerous cities in The cities.

However, we must say most of these crimes are non-violent crimes.

Here are the statistics for last year:

Property Crime- 971

Murder – 1


The city also has a really bad school district. It is currently ranked in the 388th spot.

Unemployment rates in  West St.Paul is around 5.7% which is about 2.4% more than Minnesota’s unemployment rates

2- Waite Park

Waite Park has many issues that make it one of the worst cities in Minnesota.

It has a huge crime rate!  It is estimated that more than 7,000 people live in Waite Park, but the city still managed to have over 600 crimes last year.

That means it has a crime rate of 8 percent. In other words 4- times Minnesota’s crime rate.

The city has the second worst school district in Minnesota and it has a poverty rate of over 20%.


This might come as a surprise for many. Minneapolis is considered one of the most important cities in America, and many people wouldn’t expect it to be the worst city in Minnesota.

Well, there are two sides to Minneapolis: city and suburb. If you want to live in the city then you should be prepared to live in the 4th most dangerous cities in Minnesota.

It is the number 1 most dangerous city in Minnesota if were are to just focus on violent crimes.

Crimes Last Year:

Murder: 42

Rape: 514

Robbery: 1819

Assault: 2239

The city of Minneapolis also have a poverty rate of over 20%.

The city of Minneapolis also has one of the worst school districts in the state. It is currently ranked number 411 out of 438 districts according to schooldigger.


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