10 Worst High Schools In NJ 2019


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You might be wondering how we came up with this ranking of the 10 worst high schools in New Jersey?

In the state of New Jersey, there is a standardized test called the PARCC. This test seeks to examine the students’ comprehension levels in primary subjects such as English and Math.

We reviewed the test scores for the state of New Jersey and found these schools to be among the worst-performing schools. 25% or less of the students in these schools have met the standards across all grades.

To put things in perceptive, approximately 40% to 50% of the students in the state of New Jersey met the state’s educational standards for English Language Arts. While approximately 30% to 60% met the math standards.

Please keep in mind that test scores do fluctuate from year to year and from a grade level to the other.

For the sake of relevance, we excluded charter, special, and small schools from this ranking.

10.  East Orange Campus High School

City: East Orange 

District: East Orange School District 

Number of Students: More than 1500 

Test Scores

English: close to 23 % met standards

Math: Slightly More than 2% 


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